about me

about me

in my late twenties, while working at a corporate job, i had an epiphany where i realized that the way my life looked wasn’t actually in alignment with the connection my heart yearned for. at this time, i left the city where i had resided my whole life and leapt out into the unknown, cultivating connection to my intuition and gut, stepping into trust. in 2009, this led me to enroll in the ayurveda clinical program at the dhyana center in sebastopol, california. this program encouraged awareness, self-care, and brought me more physically and emotionally into alignment with my own health. it also gave me tools to begin a life of service. after this initial program, i wove in studies of swedish esalen bodywork, acupressure, interchange counseling, arvigo techniques of mayan abdominal therapies, and jaw/pelvic release work.


in 2014, i also began a deep connection to aunties in new mexico; studying energy work, facilitation, and ceremonial work. i give thanks to all of my teachers and their teachers before them for passing on vast wisdom. because of my experiences of shift and ongoing discoveries, i am deeply inspired to empower others to have a more pro-active relationship with their health through self-care education. as a community gatherer, i also respond to a deep call in group settings to support relational reconnection. how do we help to heal the separation that permeates our culture - not just with other humans but with all things? this question fuels me onward and keeps me curious.

when i’m out in nature there is a grounded aliveness, a still yet dynamic energy that feeds my ability to show up in service. a lot of what i do is to help facilitate your body/mind/spirit to slow down and connect with the pace of nature. there’s no rushing a tree to grow. i feel it is when we are not pushing, but rather being, listening and responding, that a lot of clarity, unwinding, and connection can emerge. this does not equate to passivity, rather, it’s an act of tapping into a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) dance of giving and receiving, release and nourishment, an interdependence and exchange of energy which helps us all to thrive.

music and dance are incredibly important to me, especially the way they weave together community, provide a field of catharsis and offer inspiration through sound, rhythm and movement. 

overall, i live a life based in gratitude, dedicated to listening, service, song, connection, shift, beauty, healing and love.